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Arizona Action Committee: Economic Justice

At our first meeting, a group met up to discuss Economic Justice issues. Here’s their story:
Name of Group:  Arizonans for Economic Justice.
Group Bio: All problems are economic problems. Health care is an economic problem at it’s essence. America has always used immigrants as an excuse for not paying living wages. Blaming immigrants for lowering wages and stealing jobs. Social justice is deeply rooted in economic inequality. Regardless of race, people of lower SES (social economic status) are more likely to be harassed by the police. We believe that an effective message on economic principles will resonate with those reluctant Trump supporters and them to convert to the resistance.
How to get involved: Right now, in Arizona, Senator Jeff Flake has supported two laws: S.195 and S.244 which are an assault on the middle class. These bills lower the amount that construction workers can be paid. Effectively communicating this to Arizona residents, we believe, will give them the courage to elect Sen. Flake out of office and disrupt the Trump agenda.
Group contact person: Garrick
How to get involved: Comment on this blog post, or e-mail

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