Stop Navel Gazing

A troubling trend is taking root among the Anti-Trump coalition. It comes in various forms with different names. I call it slacktivism or navel gazing. We’re all guilty at times, but I want to shame the world into stopping.

Yesterday, I participated in one of many recent local actions against Senator Jeff Flake. A large, diverse group of people gathered together for one simple cause: Unseating a pro-Trump Republican in 2018. No one was arguing about the primary, the DNC chair or Trump-Russia ties.

After I came home and posted to the blog, I got sucked into the internet. What did I find? Senseless, useless online arguments among the anti-Trump Left. It’s depressing, disheartening and demoralizing.

Please stop. While the “children” of this movement are busy firing shots in the liberal circular firing squad, the “adults” are protesting, calling and writing their elected officials, volunteering with local progressive non-profits, organizing and working.

Any argument of any kind between anyone opposing Trump is destructive. We’re fighting a serious battle for civil liberties, economic justice, human rights and a free and fair democracy. And we’re fighting from behind, i.e. we’re not in a position to propose any policies anyway. Anyone who is not engaged in that battle must be summarily ignored and forgotten, because they’re damaging the coalition and doing far more harm than good.

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  1. Rachel Wolff
    February 24, 2017 at 9:13 pm — Reply

    Words of wisdom gathered from the Women’s March – “We in a marathon, not a sprint.” In regards to defending and defeating this regime there will always be a need for willing people who will step forward to do pick up the slack.

    Infighting is what this regime hopes for; infighting among the ranks is exactly what the #AgentOrange – and Scuffy Bunion and the rest of the Dark House crew what they want.

    When the RNC posted their agenda I began ‘researching’ every speaker they had lined up. I admit I misread Scruffy Bunion and his leadership role … I pulled an outline of how I thought things might go down – but I never – ever imagined Bunions use of the Shock and Awe doctrine.’ No one did. It was the unexpected power punch that overwhelmed everyone, just as he planned for it to do. The Power Punch no one expected; but it promptly grabbed international attention which was important.
    Abusing the law is the first thing a dictator does: Bannon needed to insure rapid dominance by showing overwhelming power.
    Remaining silent now is not an option: Earlier this week Scruffy more or less assured us that the blood of both the tyrant and the patriot will be spilled. Things are going to get much uglier before we see any bright spot on the horizon.

    Leadership: Expect changes; people will rise to the occasion. Dissenters, if you can’t add solutions to the problem. Excuse yourself and find your niche in another group. Those remaining – Pull yourselves together.

    Work toward fast goal – a mid range goal-s – long-term goals.

    Get a Volunteer Recruiter who knows what to do and how to organize, educate – train – reward them. Every volunteer should have a specific job and report to a specific person! Remember this isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Reward ALL volunteers – be generous in public – let every volunteer know they are welcome for their skill and talents. —

    The following is how I see things … right, wrong or indifferent:
    The GOP – is going for broke – they are waiting to see a retaliation against them in order to make it appear they are their goals are right, just and honorable. Remember, we are dealing head on with an international conglomeration of men with deep financial pockets… with a rigidly fixed religious mindset.
    #AgentOrange plans: Plans are extensive and inclusive: He’s bent on destroying- humiliating all marginalized people; Hispanics, Muslims, Women and Blacks, Jews and LGBTQIA – using any and all means available.
    His Plan: Continual disruption and ‘distractification;’ keep attention and eyes focused on him while others are behind the scenes creating other opportunities to create anarchy – his antics are causing chaos and panic through his insinuations and innuendos and creating outright myth and lies. Remember for this group-No lie is too small – no myth is too large.
    Agent Orange lives by the following principles: The following are his book titles – but he lives and breathes the principles of these titles.
    • Good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all.
    • Controversy, in short, sells. Unite to win. Divide to conquer.
    • Partnerships must have loyalty and integrity at their core.
    Agent Orange loves all the attention he’s getting: the good, the bad and the indifferent. In my mind B-annon is the biggest threat of all – not Putin or Pence or Ryan – or the Radicalized Evangelicals. Its B-annon and his fascist ideology with the thrall he has over the entire WH administration.
    • AgentOrange: plans to force re acceptance of colonialism to White Only preferential treatment and prejudicial treatment toward all minorities. -> Expect unjust legislation – laws.
    • Don’t expect compassion-kindness. Compassion and kindness are out because they show weaknesses which are treasonous to fascism.
    • His plans also include tarnishing Obama in particular and destroy all the progress made by Dems in the last eight years.
    • He’s going after the Democratic Senate leadership, and the Democratic brand to embarrass them.
    • He’s going to tap a huge voting bloc of people dissatisfied with the judicial and legal systems because judges are held unaccountable – plans to coerce judges into releasing secret FBI reports; if they refuse he’s going to leak embarrassing information he has on them as well.
    • He’s going to raise $100’s of millions’ worth of free media coverage by letting the media report on their investigations they conduct.

    Please! Stop the infighting – get back on track!
    Rachel Wolff – Ally – LGBTQIA Equality

  2. mike johnson
    February 27, 2017 at 4:33 am — Reply

    No infighting in the LGBTQ community? Drag queens feel they are pushed into the background when they were the force behind the Stonewall Riots. Many bisexuals feel like outcasts because gays and lesbians look down on them because they “can’t make up their mind” on who they love. How many lesbians do not feel they got enough credit fighting in the early days of the AIDS crisis. We know infighting. Maybe that is just my perspective as a non-millenial. Hopefully the newer members of the LGBTQ community are different.

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