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The Resistance PAC

The Resistance PAC was started by a Phoenix couple, Adam and Lauren Iden, who upon witnessing the election of the 45th President of the United States, decided to no longer sit idly by confusing exchanges on social media for political action. Adam marched with his mother at the Women’s March. Adam and Lauren joined Arizonans Against Trump, a branch of the Indivisible groups in Phoenix. They have participated in marches and community organizing within the Movement, and in doing so one thing stood out to Adam: if the Movement was going to move beyond rallies and marches and begin to influence elections and policy at the local and national level, it was going to need funding. To depend on financing from Washington or already established public interest groups would undermine the Movement and compromise the message. Adam realized that the best way for the Movement to control its message and put pressure on Democrats and Republicans who choose to sit still, is for the Movement to fund itself. The Resistance PAC was born.

The Resistance PAC is a Super Political Action Committee. This means that we have the ability to accept unlimited donations from the Movement and use that money to hold Democrats and Progressives accountable while challenging Republicans from the State House to the White House. We will use money from the Movement to protect immigrants through community outreach, education and direct political action. We will use money to highlight the abuses of minorities by the majority. We will use the money to impede the destruction of our Unions by the moneyed class and Wall Street. We will use donations to advance the rights of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. We will not stand by while the rights of marginalized groups in this country are attacked.

We are an unyielding Super PAC. We will take the fight to state houses, Congress, the President and the airwaves including online. We will not wait and react any longer. The Movement will set the tone. The Movement will control the message. We will stand up and fight with the help of 65,844,954 of our brothers and sisters.


The Resistance PAC is the people’s PAC. By the Movement for the Movement. We will hold monthly accountability meetings online that anyone can attend, make suggestions, ask questions and hold us accountable. We are not beholden to any special interest group, political candidate or political party. We answer to the Movement only.

Lauren Iden

The Resistance PAC


  1. Cat Fifer
    March 5, 2017 at 4:24 pm — Reply

    I sent an email to the above address only to have it returned to me. Is there a different email address other than ?

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