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More Cops In Schools?

I just received an email from ACLU of Arizona, telling me the details about Bill SB 1099.

Right now, the Arizona Legislature is considering a bill (SB 1099) that would expand the number of police officers in schools. Having more police in schools increases the likelihood children will be forced into the criminal justice system and puts immigrant children and their families in greater danger of detention and deportation.

I looked at the bill. That is exactly what it does.

THE SCHOOL SAFETY PROGRAM IS ESTABLISHED WITHIN THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION TO PROMOTE SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS FOR STUDENTS BY SUPPORTING THE COSTS OF PLACING SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS OR JUVENILE PROBATION OFFICERS ON SCHOOL CAMPUSES.  A school district or charter school may apply to participate in the school safety program as provided in this section for up to three fiscal years by submitting by April 15 a program proposal to the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.

You can view the Bill SB 1099, along with it’s edits, here.

If you disagree with this bill, please call your representative.  You can also contact people on the bill.

If you disagree with this bill, please sign the Arizona ACLU petition.

Call the Bill Sponsors! Sign The Petition

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