How To: Stay Involved

Our political climate is a little tense these days. I know, understatement, right? The good news is many of us are now motivated to get involved. Frustration has built up and it needs to be outwardly manifested. Maybe you have attended a protest, huddle or your legislative or congressional district meeting. Congratulations! Wear that pink pussy hat with pride!

You are probably meeting like-minded people who want to advocate for a more progressive, tolerant and fair political system. That’s great! The problem is…organization. Oh, the Big “O”. Well, maybe not THE Big “O” but, hopefully one of many, many, many big O’s you are experiencing. But that’s a different conversation entirely. Moving on.

We can all agree that there are so many events and facebook groups to join or follow. It can become overwhelming. Have no fear my fellow dissenters. Be patient. Movements take time and we are all learning together. This is the beginning of new business in Arizona and like any new business we will have growing pains. People will divest but if you want to see change you have to stick with it for the long haul. Big goals are accomplished in small increments.

My experience has been that organization happens somewhat organically. Keep attending your local meetings. Find people you want to work with, those interested in the same issues and form committees. Be accountable and divide the work. Your contribution is important.

Besides, what else are you doing on a weeknight? Watching Veep? Imagining what it might actually be like to have a woman in the White House, while stuffing your face with organic corn starch puffed into the shape of snap peas. Get off your ass and do something, snowflake!

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