Civic Engagement Beyond Voting – How to Easily Effect Change in Arizona

Civic Engagement. It can seem confusing, elusive and time consuming. Fortunately, many groups are coming forward to help Arizonans effect change in our state. Civic Engagement Beyond Voting is “a coalition of people from different groups seeking to educate Arizona constituents on how best to effect change in the Arizona legislature using the Request to Speak System.”


“The Request To Speak program (RTS) is designed to allow the public to register an opinion on bills listed on agendas and to request to speak on a bill in a committee. ”

-RTS Manual

You’ve probably realized that simply voting is not enough. You’ve also probably realized that the State and Local governments are the ones most effecting our daily lives. But with everyone posting their opinions and grievances on social media, RTS allows you to express your opinion in a meaningful way. RTS can be a little confusing at first, but Civic Engagement Beyond Voting has you covered.

Their website is clear, concise and gives you the tools you need to use the RTS (Request to Speak) System in Arizona. Check it out, and make your voice heard to the Arizona Legislature.

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