Defeat Ducey: Making the Case for Steve Farley

Making the Case for Steve Farley, Current AZ State Senator,
For Governor of Arizona

By @LoeKey9

Steve Farley, 54 year old member of the AZ Senate (since 2013), may be the best bet to take on Governor Doug Ducey in next year’s bid for office!

To many of us around the Valley, Steve Farley may not be more than just a name. But a closer inspection will show you that he’s not only been a true public servant who was first elected to the AZ House of Representatives; he’s also a fighter willing to go to the mat for what he believes is for the good of the people.

Just recently, he introduced a bipartisan bill, 1144 ( which sought to “review special interest tax loopholes”. You know, the kinds that you or I can’t use but big companies and wealthy-folk get away with using every year without impunity. This was promptly killed, of course, by the house Republicans who, I’m sure had the current Gov, Ducey, smiling. Sen Farley is also an advocate for investing in new tech such as solar and wants to expand on high wage jobs that come along with new technologies. He has also advocated for expanding healthcare for small business owners and making long term care more affordable for seniors. The introduction of the ACA made the advocation of both of those issues a real possibility for anyone who wanted to try and open a small business. Sen Farley has been vocal AGAINST the dangerous “Repeal and Replace” notion the republicans have touted for 7 years about but not yet come to a feasible solution on. Keep in mind that the CBO, an independent and non-partisan organization, has come out with the report on the GOPs ‘American Health Care Act’ (; and it’s NOT good. We need a governor who is going to stand up against this “healthcare” bill, one that would leave just over 24 million additional Americans without a health care plan at all, and other issues that effect ALL of us here in the Valley. In addition to that, Sen Farley was also against AZ SB1070, a controversially written bill sponsored heavily by former Sheriff Joe Arapaio.

Sen Farley is opposed to the vouchers program that current Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, is so eager to instill. This would greatly damage our children’s education not to mention do more severe damage to public schools funding. It shouldn’t matter what side of the ‘aisle’ you are on education is important to all parents who want nothing more that to see their children and grandchildren have a quality education. Sen Farley is willing to go to bat for us on this issue and could more than likely make a huge stand against Betsy DeVos when it comes to state funding for our schools. It won’t be easy, but it would be a lot easier and feel like progress if our siting governor didn’t just bend over backwards to appease party before his own state!

In a recent video ( Sen Farley stated he was “considering” taking a shot at the governor’s office; the question ALONE garnered a round of applause, and then the subsequent answer garnering a few hoots and hollers from the crowd.  So though he hasn’t made a formal announcement, one would hope that he does decide to make it a reality and finally do what this ‘purple’ state needs to do; and the SOONER the better: Turn BLUE!

Here are some the links I have referenced from and will also help better inform you off who Senator Steve Farley is.

By @LoeKey9

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