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EVENT: #AZAgainstAHCA Tuesday March 21st

This Thursday the House of Representatives will vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) aka Ryancare aka Trumpcare aka the “GOP is only looking out for their wealthy donors and insurance lobby Healthcare Reform Act”. Not all members of the Arizona delegation (including Democrats) have not said how they are going to vote on this bill that will drastically affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of Arizonans.
   As a community who cares about others more than corporate profits, we can come together across the state to raise our voices to tell our 9 members in the House of Representatives “NO on AHCA”. For those who have come out against it, we can thank them for doing the right thing and not taking healthcare away from the kids, the poor, the elderly and disabled of our state. Join us this Tuesday from 2pm-6pm at your district office. Bring your letters and your protest signs. If you cannot come during those hours, make a phone call or come by earlier in the day.
   The Twitter campaign is #AZAgainstAHCA – #AZIndivisible and #indivisible
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