NEW! Call to Action Calendar


We’re excited to share a new “Call To Action” tool that Arizona resistance groups and members can start using immediately.


Click Here to Check it Out!


This web hosted “Call to Action” calendar, (that can be embedded into webpages and social pages: links below), is meant to help organize our urgent Arizona and National actions in one easy to access calendar, based on timing and urgency, and with the intent of making acting and sharing easier.


After clicking the link, click on any of the entries. Each entry is a singular “Action Item” that is then easily shared across all platforms. The hope is that our members/volunteers will click on the action, make the easy call, and then share it widely.  


Many of us have been sharing similar calls to action, and this isn’t meant to  duplicate those efforts, but rather help us organize them in easily digestible and shareable ways.   


The information right now is being culled directly from Indivisible and the local IYER report that comes out Sunday evenings, so while we’re letting them guide us on the progressive stance on each issue, we’re also (in most cases) including a link so anyone can learn more about these issues.


As the calendar gets more use, we’ll certainly find ways to improve.  If you have suggestions, please let us know.  The hope is to make it easier for all our groups to get the word out. The calendar will always be located at the above URL, so visit it often. Please pass this URL on to anyone you think might be interested.  If you’d like, you can also imbed the calendar into existing website and social pages.  Those instructions are below.


Instructions to embed the calendar into your website:


Instructions to embed the calendar into your facebook pages:


By @IndivisibleCD6


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