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The #411 on #ShakeFlake

 Senator Jeff Flake, during the last recess, instead of holding a town hall meeting, attended a $120 a plate gala where he was honored as the “Man of the Year” by the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association. Meanwhile, his “constituents” stood outside asking why he would not meet with the people he claims to represent.
  Senator Flake will be running for reelection in 2018. His campaign kickoff will not be held with a large public event with the voters of Arizona. Instead, he will be doing what he does best. He will be collecting money from donors. The event, featuring former President George W Bush, will be at the Paradise Valley home of Craig Barrett, a former Intel chairman and CEO. There will certainly be other tech companies represented at the event following Senator Flake’s sponsorship of a bill allowing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell your internet browsing information without your permission. 
 With his kickoff, Senator Flake is showing once again that the only constituents that matter to him are the ones with deep pockets that belong to lobbyists and corporate insiders.
Join Arizona Against the Trump Agenda (AATA), Indivisible of Arizona, Indivisible AZ CD6, Indivisible Surprise and other groups as we come together on #411 and begin to #ShakeFlake free of Arizona and begin the search for a candidate that represents the people of the state, not the corporate lobbyist and special interests. It is we the people who are able to drain the swamp with our vote. It is clear the politicians are not able to do the job.
Mike Johnson

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