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Sen. McCain Tackles Important Issues in Facebook Live Town Hall (Just kidding he talked about pizza and baseball)

I watched Senator John McCain’s poor excuse of an in person town hall replacement on Facebook Live. The “moderator” off camera was probably a staffer. She encouraged us to post questions for the senator to ask. It was clear that the questions selected were screened for his ability to answer them without time for a teleprompter to load answers or a staffer right next to him to feed the GOP talking points of the day (Syria stay out yes or no? Depends is it before or after 2pm).

 While listening to a question about how the senator thinks the D’backs will do this weekend (win of course) or why he voted for the nuclear option with Justice Gorsuch, even though he was against the nuclear option. I didn’t hear one question that challenged his position. None of the questions I asked were answered until near the end. The moderator announced she had a “serious” question from Mike. Did she ask his opinion on losing our constitutional right for citizen propositions? Was it my question on why he isn’t holding any town halls? Was he happy about the minimum wage increase? No the serious question was “what is your favorite pizza topping?” I am so relieved that it is pepperoni. I do wonder why he has a difficult time deciding onions or no onions. That’s easy Senator McCain. If your wife is around no onions. If it is you and Senator Graham, onions for sure.
 This my fellow Arizonans is why we must continue to insist on having in person unscripted town halls. We need to ask questions of our elected officials that are not screened in advance by staffers to craft their messages. These Facebook and telephone town halls are just a weak excuse to say they are meeting with their constituents. Why bother, just send out a press release. I could have used that hour of my life wasted watching Senator McCain to prepare a sign for #ShakeFlake Tuesday on March 11th from 4-7 pm on the corner of Cactus & Tatum in Phoenix as we launch our “Unelect” Jeff Flake campaign.
By Mike Johnson

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