Strange Times With Spicey, The Liar for Hire

Sean Spicer has the rare honor (insult?) of being parodied and thus immortalized on Saturday Night Live.

For the most part, Sean Spicer wasn’t on my radar until he became the White House Press Secretary. The only time I ever heard about him was from Jon Favreau on the old Keepin’ it 1600 Podcast. 

I love to watch the “game” of politics unfold. So, watching someone that strange and twisted on TV, lying and fabricating on such an impressive scale, is both frightening and captivating.

Back in January, a podcast episode appeared on my feed that looked too good to be true. So good, in fact, I refused to listen to it until I had a pen and paper in hand. I wanted to savor it. The podcast was a David Axelrod interview with Sean Spicer. Better still, the interview came out January 5th, only weeks before I really knew Sean Spicer was a total jackass. 

David Axelrod interviewing Sean Spicer? In my minds eye, I imagine this must be like Dan Rather interviewing an angry Furby. 

Now that we’re all used to Sean Spicer’s ridiculously poor performances, I went to revisit this podcast episode and enjoy Spicey’s overly romanticized and embellished self image. As passionate as I am about politics, I secretly hoped I might find some small but deep form of respect for his craft and his tenacity. [Listen to the podcast here]

This is my review: Meh. 

Sean Spicer answers questions so quickly, it’s clear that he doesn’t take time to really understand what is being asked. He lacks any good rationale or defense for his incessant lying. In fact, he seems to lack any real passion for Trump or the Trump Administration. The only true passion he displays is for the art of political lying.

By far, the most telling portion of the interview takes place at the beginning, around minute 5. This exchange tells the entire story. Sean Spicer loves to lie. He loves to defend the indefensible because to him, it’s a challenge. He loves to take reality and twist it beyond recognition, into his own fantasyland tale. It’s quite clear that Sean Spicer is easily bought. He is a liar for hire. And he truly enjoys it. 

In the interview, Sean Spicer seems so devoid of any morals or convictions. It’s truly jarring. I’ve found admiration for Republicans many times before, and I wanted to like Sean Spicer. While we may differ in our politics, you can usually find a good American Patriot hiding in anyone. If nothing else, I can respect someone’s commitment to their job and commitment to their beliefs. It’s difficult to discern if Sean Spicer believes anything at all. I don’t think Sean Spicer believes his lies. It seems that nothing is even real to him.

Hopefully you’ve read George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Although I admit I haven’t read it in quite some years, I could never forget Squealer. And now I’ll never forget him, because I’ll have Spicey to remind me of him for the next four years. Well, maybe… Seems like the last few Presidents average 1 per year. Press Secretary is notoriously the “ultimate burnout job.” So even if Trump lasts 4 years, it’s likely that Sean Spicer won’t.

Who could possibly do a better job at defending Trump’s hourly antics? Rudy Giuliani? Chris Christie? Kelly Anne? And whatever happened to Katrina Pierson? She hasn’t said anything stupid in a while (or has she?)…

Oh boy… there’s a lot more options than I thought.

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