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Citizens Town Hall PHX

For months, I, along with many of my fellow regular citizens, begged and pleaded for Senator Jeff Flake to hold a Town Hall. We watched as he jet-setted in to town every so often, only to welcome a steady stream of slick corporate-types looking to make a deal. We stood by as they wormed their way in and out of a back office in the “no constituents allowed” portion of Flake’s swanky office building in the heart of Phoenix’s financial district. (As regular, non-special-interest-backed constituents, we’ve never been permitted beyond the restrictive, closet-sized reception area.)

Myself and a four of my fellow constituents, upon hearing Flake was in town, went to his office to ask to meet with him to discuss his stated support for Trump’s cabinet picks. We were met with cold condescension and mild hostility along with promised follow-ups and answers to our questions, which, of course, never came.

Every. Last. Bit of this is. Wrong.

It is the reason our government is caught in a downward spiral of dysfunction. Far too many of our representatives no longer work for us. In fact, truth be told, they actively go to work each morning and work against us and our best interests.

As you all know, Senator Flake finally did hold his Town Hall. Though he addressed the crowd, very few questions were actually answered. In my mind, the major takeaway of the evening is simply this: The Resistance is STRONG in Arizona.  
Until this town hall, though I wouldn’t have wanted to admit it, but deep down, I had serious doubts as to whether we could turn Arizona blue by 2020.

In my heart of hearts, I no longer feel that way and I doubt I am alone. The progressive movement has found itself in a position where it is charged with the task of saving the country from a thoroughly corrupt, mentally unsound and grossly incompetent President and a compliant Republican party. And, if last night is any indication, Americans, and in particular, Arizonans are up for the task.

As Recess Week comes to a close on April 21st. Our representatives will board planes back to DC and we will once again be out of sight, out of mind for corporate-funded, party-over-country Senators like Jeff Flake.
It is at that time that we, as a movement, and as citizens, will need to turn our focus and energy towards voter registration, voter education as well as promoting our progressive lawmakers. I am pleased to announce an opportunity to do just that. Please join us for a Citizens Town Hall 7-9pm, Thursday, April 20, 2017 at IBEW Local 640: 5808 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85014.

I am thrilled to announce the keynote speaker will be Ms. Deedre Abboud, Senate candidate who will challenge Senator Flake for his seat.

We will also be hearing Senator Steve Farley, a candidate for Governor, Representative Ken Clark, State Senator Juan Mendez and Talia Fuentes. She will be discussing her impending candidacy and her new app, Unite Congress.

Originally, this Town Hall was created for Jeff Flake. We invited him and awaited his acceptance. It never came. So we will use this occasion to give constituents a chance to hear from progressive leaders, both candidates and current lawmakers. They will discuss the pressing issues such as education, healthcare, immigration and the environment.
This will be an excellent opportunity to ask some of the same questions we asked of Flake and compare the difference in the answers we receive.

It is worth noting, that unlike Flake, all of these speakers, were happy to have an opportunity to meet with constituents.

We hope to see you there!

By @indivisiblePHX

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