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My New Favorite Thing to Listen To

I have a new favorite thing to listen to. Which is a big deal. For the last few weeks, my favorite thing to listen to was Trump Regrets.

I love podcasts, and I just found a new one 2 weeks ago. It’s THE THING that was missing in my life. Let me tell you about it. It’s called Hellbent and honestly, it has completed me.

It’s hosted by Sarah Lerner and Devon Handy, and they know their stuff. There’s plenty of news and podcasts where men dominate the conversation. This podcast is all about the girls, and they’re f%$#king awesome. Oh and, they swear, a lot. They stay up to date on all the biggest things in politics, but more importantly, they talk about stories flying under the radar. The voice of women and the our unique and informed perspective has been missing from the conversation. Even when women are included on a panel, they can be drowned out or worse, mansplained. With all the all-male panels in the world, we were long overdue for an all-female show.

I don’t know much about feminism, or even women’s issues. Up until this election, I didn’t realize how bad it was. I’ve learned more about these things and so much more just listening to this podcast. I’m ashamed I was missing out on so much, but I’m glad I’m catching up.

If you’re a woman (or even if you’re not), this podcast is a necessity. The news can be pretty depressing lately, but if you need a boost of confidence and power, these ladies bring it.

You can subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud or your podcast catcher of choice.


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