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Now Flake needs to be Flaked

Well the House has swallowed their shotgun. Here is the email I have fired off to Flake. I will generate a “Maverick” Themed version for McCain not that he is going to have another election. I hope other Desert Dissenters contact Senators Flake & McCain so this idiocy gets stopped.

Senator Flake

Please do not support the American Health Care Act with its laughable handling of pre-existing conditions, and giving the states the ability to create “Phantom/Sham” Insurance policies. The fact that it’s just a $900 billion tax cut for the ultra-rich is another piece of amoral behavior that I would not want to see my religious Senator support.

You have taken strong positions against the 45th President when he was running. This is the time to show the same courage when it really counts.

Guest post by David S.

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