CD8 Meet the Candidate

Residents of the 8th Congressional District will have the opportunity to meet some of the candidates who want to represent us in Congress in either the House or Senate. Invitations were sent out to all filed and declared candidates to run in the August 2018 primary. Currently Brianna Westbrook, Deedra Abbound and Judith McHale from the Democratic Party and Chris Sylvester of the Republican Party have agreed to appear. Dr. Kelli Ward had a scheduling conflict. Rep Trent Franks and Sen Jeff Flake have yet to respond (not that comes as a big surprise).
This town hall will give residents in the West Valley a chance to listen to the candidates discuss issues important to the state and the district. Following a moderated discussion, the audience will be able to ask questions of the candidates.
In order to be on the ballot, candidates need to get a minimum amount of signatures. This town hall will give you the opportunity to learn more about them, get some literature and if you chose, to sign their petition.
With the House voting for the AHCA, it is important that next year, the voters of CD8 vote for a representative and senator who have their best interests at heart and represent the people of the district and state. Come find out if one of the candidates that will be speaking is that person for you.


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