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Goodbye Trent Franks #AHCA

Goodbye Trent Franks!

In 2018, the voters that you have ignored will be replacing you. When it comes to voting on legislation, I will put our constituent’s best interest at heart before casting my vote. Unlike you, I will vote without thought of myself, and always with careful thought on how any bill will affect our future, not what’s best for my personal pocketbook. The AHCA is a bad bill and you know that! You clearly did not bother to think about how this bill affects our local communities, even after thousands of call to your office requesting that you not support this bill.

As you know Trent, a large portion of our district are retirees, and a great many of those are veterans that have honorably served this country. Under the new ACHA, according to AARP, premiums could increase by $3,600 for a 55-year-old earning $25,000, and up to $8,400 for a 64-year-old earning $15,000 annually! Not only will this bill negatively affect our Districts retirees, but it will also negatively affect our low-income households. It is blatantly obvious that this bill purposes fewer benefits and higher out of pocket costs to hard working American families. Some estimates have predicted 5 to 18 million individuals will lose Medicaid altogether! 5 to 18 million! Let that soak in Trent! If you were truly pro-life, you would not support legislation that destroys the quality of life for Americans. Let us not forget, it is Congress that regulates the Veterans Administration, and you have not fulfilled your promise to take care of the service men and women that proudly served their country.

The bill only gets worse for “we the people.” As you know… Actually, I’m sure you don’t know… because you don’t bother to care about working-class people of this district, our average household income in Arizona is $51,492 according to the 2015 census. Under the new AHCA, Americans with incomes around $40,000 to $75,000 who purchase individual plans can also expect to see their premiums increase significantly.

Why would you vote to add to the burden of working American people? H.R. 1628 would require health insurance premiums to increase while decreasing the quality of coverage, all in the name of giving the wealthiest people in this country a tax break. How much of that are you getting in kickbacks and campaign donations?

So, let’s just be honest Trent. You clearly do not put our people’s best interest before your own. You clearly do not think of anything but your own pocket book. You did not grow that estimated net worth of yours of 30+ million by thinking for the people. Right? H.R. 1628 proposes a break for those who make an income of $200,000 or more. Which is over two times the average income of our great district! It also will give the top 400 earning households in the United States an average annual tax break of $7,000,000. You didn’t vote yes for us. You voted yes for 1% of this country. The same people who flood Washington with their dark money to influence our politics. The same people who back your campaigns.

Let this letter show that you have been served by the voting constituents of the 8th district of Arizona. We have paid attention to your voting record and you receive a failing grade from us.

Once again, goodbye!

Brianna Westbrook
U.S. House of Representative 2018 Democratic candidate – CD8 AZ

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  1. Ruth
    May 26, 2017 at 2:51 pm — Reply

    Congressman Franks is an embarrassing thug, I guess he’d love “serving” without a free press.

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