Call To Action, Save Initiatives and Referendums in Arizona!

Citizen’s initiatives and referendums are under threat in our state!

After their loss at the ballot box and again in front of the Supreme Court of Arizona, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and it’s members lobbied to pass a shotgun blast of new laws with the sole purpose of making citizens’ initiatives and referendums more expense, more dangerous and more difficult.

5 laws were passed and signed, funny enough, 3 are under automatic referendum because of the Voter Protection Act of 2000, a citizen’s initiative itself. Two of the laws, HB2404 (ban of paid signature circulators) and HB2244 (strict compliance) however have nothing stoping them from being ratified on August 9. Except your efforts to join their referendum campaigns.

My group, Grassroots Citizens Concerned is a non-partisan committee looking to refer HB2404, the law that bans paid-per-signature circulators. But that’s just section three, of the five sections in the law. Sections one and two make campaigning and organizing more expensive and dangerous for anyone interested in starting an initiative. These 3 sections alone could make initiatives, and almost certainly referendums impossible. Then there’s section four.
Section four has gotten little to no press, but our committee believes it to be the most odious of the five sections. Through a series of minor language changes and insertions, it can threaten final ballot certification of initiatives and referendums. Yes, even 18 months after they pass the Arizona Secretary’s review. Any initiative in the state can be sued into oblivion, by anyone.

That is why we are fighting back. It is your right as an Arizonan to petition your state government! It is your right as an Arizonan to organize for what you believe in, no matter which political wing you come from. The people in this state have won some major battles though the use of our muscle defined in Article 4, section 1, part 1. Clean Elections Act, Voter Protection Act, minimum wage increases, healthcare for children and even the voucher referendum going on right now! Join us and fight one more time to protect your right.

I wont lie, we need volunteers. We need them all over the state, but we’re not asking for an army. We need just 40 volunteers to collect 30 signatures a day across a state of 3 million voters. Will you do your part and fight back by canvassing your neighborhood or library? Will you reach out to organize a drive and sign?

Email if you are interested in joining the fight back. Our group has set up what we are calling “collection points” around the state. These are location where you can get supplies, questions answered and petitions notarized and collected. Visit for more information. Are you a public notary? Will you volunteer to start a collection point for your community to notarize completed petitions?

If you are not interested in volunteering, but still want to fight back, consider donating $25, $50 or even $100 to our campaign and sharing our Facebook page. All donations are being used to print more petitions, buy clipboards, apply for public notaries and protect your right to petition our state government. Every amount counts, please give.

Currently we have two remaining signature gathering events planned:

Duce Happy Hour
525 S. Central Ave
Friday June 2
5PM to 7PM

March for Truth
Arizona Capitol
Saturday, June 3


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