SB 1070 was horrendous for reasons most people aren’t aware of

SB 1070 was horrendous for reasons most people aren’t aware of.


Most don’t know why so many Mexicans wound up here in the first place—- the fact that NAFTA bankrupted over 2 million Mexican farms along with families, their workers and the people who serviced the farmers (that number comes from our gov’t stats). It was intentional, again, it was intentional. They accomplished this by flooding the Mexican market with US gov’t subsidized grains and corn that undercut the Mexican farmers. The American big-ag (big agriculture) corporations had already been paid once for growing it, now they could sell it much cheaper on the Mexican market than the Mexicans could. Millions of suddenly out-of-work, starving Mexicans found themselves having to move to the border area to work in the new American-built factories called ‘maquiladoras’. Getting the picture? Millions continued across the border, some to feed labor into the biggest western housing boom ever. Some were even recruited in Mexico and driven across on special busses. The houses built be cheap labor were mostly sold to midwesterners or because of midwesterners who were on a migration of their own— why? Because American capitalists in the midwest just shipped all their factories and jobs across the border to Mexico because of the sudden and ANTICIPATED influx of cheap labor. 460 maquiladoras were built in the 5 years preceding NAFTA and about 1500 went up in the 5 years afterward.


But the migrating US midwesterners couldn’t afford the over-priced homes being built in the AZ , TX, CA and NV desert., but that’s OK — the developers and bankers would give ANYONE a mortgage, despite their ability to pay, then bundled this bad debt to sell to others, thereby perfecting the scheme. While all those Mexicans flooded our cities in search of survival, no one said nary a word. As long as developers and banks were making billions and the municipalities were making new unheard-of amounts of new tax revenue, no one said anything about the millions of Latinos, until the housing bubble burst.


Then came the private prison industry to the rescue, who, using ALEC, schemed with the Republicans to create 1070 (remember Arpaio, Pearce and Brewer on the news every night whining about brown-skinned murderers, rapists and druggies?). 1070 originally had a 6 month mandatory prison sentence (and a $500 fine) to help fill the private prisons with Latinos at tax-payer expense. What scam artists.


I tell this story so that folks will understand how these people think and that there really are people who can pull a few levers and suddenly make many millions of people go bankrupt and migrate on either side of the border. Those in these positions of power are sometimes referred to as ‘deep state’. So that’s my abbreviated story of 2 migrations and I was in the perfect position to see them meet –on a housing tract out in the Arizona desert.


Guest blog by David Smith

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