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The Tea Party’s Agenda Has Become Corporate Greed

We are told that we need to be the change that we want to see in the world. The Republicans, the Koch brothers and other corporations are trying to do a Corporate Take-over of our Democracy. Will we let them?

I believe in capitalism, that it is the most fair system that does not discriminate against color, creed or class. Once capitalists are successful, they don’t know how to stop capitalizing over building more control, more power, more, more, more. Capitalists don’t like the word limit, unless it is about limiting benefits to people who have not succeeded in the system in which they are flourishing. It is up to the representatives of the people to limit the big players at the top. An unrestricted capitalist becomes a menace to society. It is their nature to want more, but it is the nature of the citizens to protect our stability and well-being. The current Republican representatives have become corrupted with greed, except for a few noble compassionate Republicans, who stood up for their constituents over the addiction to power that has destabilized the minds of Republicans. This chemical, emotional addiction to power and greed is preventing them from working for the well-being of all its citizens, not just the wealthiest ones.

Most of the Republican US House Reps have become shark-like with this addiction, losing their humanity and morality (the exceptions are the 19 Republican Reps who voted no on AHCA / H.R. 1628 last month, not including Andy Biggs, representing Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert, who only voted no because he didn’t think it was extreme enough).

We the people are helping them re-gain their sense of right and wrong. That is the role of our citizens, to safeguard our democracy from the threats of tyranny.
If elected officials are not safeguarding the health, well-being, democracy and economy of the people, especially the middle-class that supports our society with their hard work, then these elected officials need to be removed from office in the coming Mid-Term elections in 2018.
Let’s not wait until 2020, the way things are going, with the dismantling of democracy by Congress, it may be too late. The Tea Party used to be about reducing debt. The Tea Party candidates are mostly funded by the Koch brothers and the grassroots movement from the people has turned into power-based control from wealthy donors. The well-being of workers and bringing down debt to save our country has been replaced by corporate greed. We can’t bring down the National debt by reducing the taxes of those who can most afford to pay them. If a tax rate for wealthy is 35-39%, it is already brought down to 22% or less once all the tax shelters and loopholes are utilized.
The Koch brothers openly believe in anarcho-capitalism. Gov. Scott Walker, Speaker Paul Ryan, and all of our US Republican Representatives for Arizona are getting marching orders from corporations that are dismantling our democracy and we MUST stop them.
We need candidates to run against these Corrupted-with-Power-and-Greed Republicans who are humanitarian as well as capitalists and who work hard to reduce the debt, without causing suffering to people’s health and ability to live.
You cannot reduce the debt by lowering taxes for the wealthy. It doesn’t work that way. The debt will never be reduced. So the Tea Party Republicans have lost sight of their goal of reducing the debt and being realistic representatives of the people.
Any Republican who voted for the disastrous AHCA budget proposal is working against the well-being of the American people and American economy. All of our Republican US Congressional Reps in Arizona voted for this proposal: Martha McSally of the 2nd District in Tucson, Paul Gosar of the 4th District in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Kingman, Bullhead City, Payson, Apache Junction (and many more), David Schweikart of the 5th District in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Trent Franks of the 8th District of NW Phoenix and Glendale. We can’t forget Andy Biggs of the 5th District in Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert who has a more severe blockage of a sense of humanity than the others.
They have become misguided at best, letting greed and corporate donorship go to their heads. All of them are up for re-election in 2018.
Vote wisely, take back our democracy and choose a fair representation of the needs of the people.

Ana Maria Perez
Prescott Valley, AZ
Running for US Congress for Arizona’s 4th District

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