About Us

About The Desert Dissenter

The Desert Dissenter is made by a handful of people. We started as an Indivisible chapter, but our focus is this website.

The purpose of our website is simple: We want to give you the tools, information and encouragement to Resist the Toxic Trump Agenda. That means we want to connect you with local groups, events, information and your community.


Do you have a group? We want people to join it

Do you have event? We want people to go

Did you start a petition? We want people to sign it

Do you have something to say? We want people to hear you

If you’ve got questions or feedback, send it our way!


We’re loosely organized, but very active. Find us all over the internet:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDesertDissenter/

Twitter: @desertdissenter

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