Take Action

Ready to turn this national train wreck around? Here are the five main courses of action, ranked in level of importance.

Get Involved in the Electoral Process

This is by far the greatest impact you can have on our current nightmare. Through years of gerrymandering and fear mongering, the Republican party has maintained a stranglehold on state and local governing bodies. Now it’s up to you to tip the balance! Click here to find the latest election going on in your area right now! Want to do more? You can also work with groups in your area to get your neighbors to the polls, too!


Get People to the Polls

By becoming a precinct committee person (PC) you can help ensure that registered democrats actually vote in state, local and national elections. The grassroots group AZ Blue 2020 will help you become one of these oh-so-important individuals.



Get Involved in the Lawmaking Process

From writing and visiting your members of congress to speaking to the AZ House and Senate, your direct participation in the legislative process is important. Here you will find tools to help you let lawmakers know exactly what you think of their bills before they become laws, and how you want them to deal with the Trump administration.




Get Out and Make Some Noise

Know how we know that protests, marches and rallies frighten the Trump administration like nothing else does? Because all over the country his party has been ramming legislation through local legislatures to ban it. So find an event, bring a friend, and go, go, go!






Get Together with Like-Minded People

At the time of this writing there are more than 50 (!) groups in Arizona currently working to counter the Trump administration’s agenda. That means you’re bound to find one near you. Working with like-minded people will not only help bring about change, but preserve your own peace-of-mind, too. Find them here!