Whatever else you do for the resistance – protesting, signing petitions, calling your congress people – if you don’t vote, it’s all for naught. Our elected representatives are NOT duty bound to listen to you anywhere but at the ballot box, which is why it’s so crucial that you get out and vote.

And that doesn’t mean just voting for president and the U.S. congress, either. The federal government may craft the “big picture” laws, but it is our state and local governments who will either support those laws with local ordinances…or fight them. (The current debate about “Sanctuary City” status for Phoenix is a great example.)

Here are two ways you can directly affect the electoral process:


Elections can sneak up on you. There’s plenty of publicity for the presidential election, of course, but voting for things like your city council is just as important.



Now that you yourself are committed to vote in state and local elections, it’s time to take the next step and amplify your vote by getting your friends and neighbors to vote, too. Believe it or not there’s actually an official position for that – you can become a precinct committee person for the Democratic Party.

PCs are the sheepdogs of the party, making sure registered democrats actually get themselves to the polls. The bad news? You have to get yourself appointed as a PC. The good news? There are SOOOOOOO many vacant PC positions in the state right now that you stand a good chance of getting in! The folks at AZ Blue 2020 – a reference to their goal of turning our state “blue” by that year – are happy to help put you on the path to becoming a PC.

  • Check them out here! (Note: This is a restricted Facebook group. Just message them in order to join.)


Another way to ensure that we get a greater number of democratic representatives in our state is to help get your friends and neighbors who don’t vote to the polls. You can do this by volunteering with the Arizona Vote Project. Don’t delay – do it now!