Volunteer Position Openings

Looking to help out part of the Arizona Resistance? Want to do more for The Desert Dissenter? Are you a student looking for an internship or want experience for your application?

Look no further because we want you! These are current openings we are looking to fill in the near future.  Please plan 5-10 hours a week for each position, depending on work load.

Graphic Designer
We are looking for a graphic designer familiar with Photoshop and has access to it. Will be in charge of creating graphic banners to promote events, as well as social media graphics that are needed.
Video Content Creator
We are looking for a Video Content Creator to help us create videos for The Resistance in Arizona and help us create our YouTube account. Would like 1-2 videos per week if possible.  You have creative directive on which videos you want to create, with direction from The DD team.
We are looking for a lawyer to help us with any legal questions and in forming our organization.
We are looking for an accountant in order to help us with our monthly accounting.
Email Marketing Coordinator
We are looking for an email marketing coordinator to help us send out weekly emails to our viewers.  Emails will include popular blog posts and weekly action steps.  Should be familiar with MailChimp.  Graphic design knowledge a plus.
Podcast Creator
We are looking for someone to help us develop, create and maintain a podcast for TheDD. You should plan on doing regular podcasts, whether that is weekly or every other week.
We are looking for a photographer to take pictures and major events in Arizona as well as get permission to use the images if people are in the images for privacy purposes.


If so, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch shortly.

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